Monday, February 13, 2006

Tantric Restaurant in Tokyo

Tantric restaurant does wonders for flagging sexual appetites

Go to a residential area in the west Tokyo suburb of Machida, reports Asahi Geino (2/9) and you can visit "La Parfait," a unique restaurant for helping people get in touch with their "sexual sensitivities."

Proprietress "Hime," (a pseudonym), an attractive woman of indeterminate age, opened her establishment in 1999 as a "healing restaurant" where, in addition to healthy meals visitors can receive a "tantric massage."

"Through the meal and massage, I hope to provide my customers, especially women, with the highest level of spiritual healing," Hime explains. "Sex should not be a forbidden subject for women. Through the massage I liberate both mind and body, which helps them to take a more positive approach toward sex. A healthy diet and good sex life are essential for marital satisfaction."

News of Hime's services has spread by word of mouth, and growing numbers of couples, including middle-aged and over, have been making reservations to seek help in getting a fresh start.

During the five-course meal, Hime drops by the couple's table to inquire about their situation.

"Thinking it's safe to come here, a 25-year-old female office worker and her fiftyish 'boyfriend' discussed his problems with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. I advised him, 'Don't think of sex only in terms of penetration.'"

"In most cases, by the time couples reach their 50s they're effectively sexless," she observes. "But if I can get the wife suitably stimulated while the husband peeps from outside the curtain, it will get him turned on too. In fact, the husbands usually request it be like that. So the session helps to deepen their marital love, and makes them happy."

After the meal at La Parfait is finished, couples are directed to the 2nd floor, where they bathe separately in an "ozone bath." Then the massages are dispensed separately.

Hime also offers a massage that includes stimulation of the lymph nodes in the groin (and which leaves him with an erection), but which halts at that point. Also she offers females accupressure to above along the coccyx, above and below the pubic bone, and in the cleavage between her breasts legs. Although she never makes direct contact with the vulva or nipples.

"Tantric massage brings out the feeling of pleasure by following the path of a person's 'ch'i,'" Hime explains. "Women don't become sopping wet down there, but many nevertheless become highly stimulated."

"After that session we really got it on," says one female customer with a wink. "You know, this tantric stuff could become habit forming."

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