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How to Enhance Your Love Life with Erotic Hypnosis

Enhancing your love life is something that every long term relationship eventually requires and it can be done with erotic hypnosis easily and quickly. Sooner or later your love life will be affected by the regular stresses of everyday life and many other factors that may make your love life seem lacking. Often we hear that our partners are too tired to make love or perhaps there is a problem in the relationship that make love making just a bit more difficult than it used to be. Erotic hypnosis can keep both of you stimulated in preparation for good sex.

For starters it helps for you to be able to incorporate playfulness in the bedroom. Using erotic hypnosis can be fun and exciting, as well as funny. It helps dissolve tension and also helps you to get closer to your mate.

Learning how to become more spontaneous when it comes to erotic hypnosis can also help you to improve your love life. The reason for this is because it lets your mate know that you still find them sexy and attractive, which is the key to a great love life. Here are some more tips to making your love life better:

1. Try to add some spice into your relationship by bringing toys to the bedroom with you. It can really make a huge difference.
2. Role playing is a great way for you to be able to make your love life a great deal better. It is also a good way to explore fantasies.
3. Explore your fantasies with your mate and be very specific in your requests. Just be sure that both you and your mate are comfortable with your ideas.
4. Be willing to talk openly with your mate about what you want in the bedroom. Use sexual talk in explicit yet stylish ways.
5. Having an open mind toward sex is a key component in keeping your love life secure. Use erotic hypnosis to keep the excitement alive.
6. Having sex in different areas other than the bedroom can spice up any relationship and add a sense of danger to it.
7. Trying new and different positions can really make a difference in your love life.

There are just so many things that you can do to make your love life better that it can be difficult to settle on any one in particular. I recommend using erotic hypnosis, as it is a really powerful way to keep the passion alive in your love life.
If you are willing to explore new territories, like erotic hypnosis, it can lead you to a more fulfilling sex life with your partner. Most of what is needed is an open mind because that is when the inhibitions are lower. A good sex life is very important to any relationship and a willingness to do whatever you can to spice things up helps as well.

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Elements Of A Relationship

We all know what we need and want out of a loving, healthy relationship. There may be a slight variance; however, there are some basic solid principles that stand up to create relationship guidelines. It has occurred to me, that perhaps the reason it is so difficult for people to find a long-term, meaningful and satisfying relationship is that we are asking for things that we cannot even give to ourselves. If we expect another person to follow these “guidelines” and fit into the mold of what we conceive of as a loving partner, shouldn’t we begin by having a fabulous relationship with ourselves?

Let’s look at five of the basic requirements of what should be in place for a relationship to take off and possibly lead to marriage. Honestly, respect, loyalty, physical attraction, and a fun loving enthusiastic personality. Let’s breakdown these five characteristics and see where it leads us.

Honesty: perhaps one of the most important elements of a trusting and loving relationship. If you are in a relationship with a person who does not possess a high standard of honesty, you will never be able to fully trust them. When in a relationship, we should be able to completely and unequivocally believe everything that our partner tells us. If a person lies, you mind as well be having a fake and meaningless conversation.

Are you even honest with yourself? When you’re out clothes shopping and you have acquired more than a handful of clothes, do you tell yourself that it’s alright to add the bill to your credit card and that you deserve to splurge, (despite that fact that your way over your head in debt)? Are you in out of relationships and in each instance you tell yourself that the other person was at complete fault, that you had absolutely no contributing factors for any of the breakups that you’ve endured? Do you sometimes find yourself yelling at a loved one and you tell yourself that you had every right to make them feel horrible? If any of these apply to you, you are not even honest with yourself. How can you expect the person of your next relationship to be honest to you?

Respect: a word that calls for attention. No one in their right mind would be happy if someone disrespected them. How many of you have spent a night of drinking with friends during the week, woke up the next day with a splitting headache and wanted to or did call into work sick? Did you then tell yourself that you are just fine, you do not drink too much and you have everything under control? When it’s late at night, you’re starving, and about to reach into the fridge for a snack, do you tell yourself that it’s not a big deal if you eat half that pint of ice cream, even though you are on a diet for health reasons? As you take a deep drag off of your cigarette, do you tell yourself that you’ll quit “someday” , that you’re just fine for now and cancer is something that you only need to think about in the future? If any of these apply to you then you do not have complete respect for yourself. And once again, how can you expect a person in a relationship to have show respect?

Loyalty: A key element in any relationship. If we don’t have loyalty from another person, we can not truly feel safe in the relationship. How many of you have worked for a company and declared your loyalty to that company and then gave your two-weeks-notice when a position opened up elsewhere that paid more money? How many of you have never cheated on another person? By this, cheating will be defined by kissing another, have a secret meeting for lunch or dinner, phone calls, or yes, even sex, while in a relationship with anyone. If any of these apply to you, you have not displayed loyalty. And now you are asking for it from someone else?

Physical attraction: A needed component of a healthy relationship. We have instilled in us certain needs that make us attracted or not attracted to another person. If we are in a relationship, we certainly want to feel a high attraction to the other person, which leads to a great sex life and a general feeling of compatibility. What is your perception of yourself? When you glance in a mirror, do you think about the wrinkles you see? When you’re getting dressed, do you try on ten different outfits because you feel that the first nine made you look fat? Do you grimace at the thought of parading around the beach in a bikini because you think that everyone in the world should look “model perfect”? No one can look like a model, except for models! Even then, if you knew the makeup, hair stylists and airbrushing that was involved you would understand that they do not even look like themselves in “real life”. If any of the above applies to you, you do not have a good self-image and/or you have low self-esteem. If you are not even attracted to yourself, do you think it’s fair to expect your partner in the relationship to be great looking and be attracted to you? They look at clues that you exude, ie: self-confidence and it helps gauge their opinions of your looks. Start appreciating the unique person that you are.

Lastly, a fun loving, enthusiastic personality. No one in a relationship wants to spend a large amount of time with someone who is boring, dull and unable be fun companions. Do you dread waking up in the morning because you hate your job? Alternatively, do you love your career and concentrate on it so much, leaving very little time for fun in your life? Do you run through your chores at home complaining about the never-ending mess on the floor, laundry that never seems to go away and dishes that seem to appear out of nowhere? Do you go through the food store as fast as possible, no smile on your face and a “get out of my way “expression? If you spend most of your life annoyed at things and you don’t take time out to appreciate life, how can you be a fun partner in a relationship and at the same time expect the other person to be one? Life’s is far from perfect, but to be someone’s “special” love, you need to slow the heck down and realize that having a bad outlook on life is going to get you nowhere.

Honesty, loyalty, respect, physical attraction, and a great personality: do you want these elements in a perspective relationship? If so, ask yourself a very important question. If you cannot have a good relationship with yourself, how can you expect to find one with another person?

Alisa Chagnon is webmaster and sole writer for Love Bulletin. www.lovebulletin.com . Strong and sound advice on dating, relationships, romance, marriage and breakups. Updated daily and weekly.

5 Secrets to Creating the Most Satisfying Relationship You Can Possibly Imagine

Copyright 2006 Don McAvinchey

One of the great and wonderful mysteries about relationships happens when I run across a couple who truly enjoys being together. I've often wondered how they did that.

When I've found such a couple, it seems that there are particular practices that they engage in that bring them the happiness and satisfaction that we all seek in a relationship. They have a secret, and I personally wanted to find out what it was!

So I set about compiling what those clients and friends who have great relationships do to keep their connection good, loving and satisfying. This article, and these 5 Steps, is what I've discovered.

If you're in a relationship, and you'd like to make it be even a better one than you're experiencing now, I recommend that you focus on these steps over the next few months, and see what happens. Hey, if you don't change something in how you're approaching your relationship, how will it ever change?

Give these 5 steps a chance, and I guarantee you things will be better!

1.Take on the challenge to just be you in connecting with the other person.

a. Practice developing the courage and skills needed to be you, and at the same time go for connection. That's the Big Paradox!

b. Exercise the difference between compromising your desires, and compromising the form you select together for achieving them. Once you get this one, it'll all be easier.

c. Who am I in this relationship? One way to find out is to examine what you're getting from your partner and see how much of what you're receiving is a reflection of you...love and caring, or frustration and distance? Now, what are you giving to your partner in your actions? Love and caring, or frustration and distance? Can't have it both ways, so why not change you so the "between space" will naturally change?

2. Women and men are different.

a. Duh.

b. But do you accept it, really, with love and compassion? That's the rub. If you find yourself frustrated over how he or she doesn't think/act/feel like you want them to, maybe you're trying to get them to change to be like you. Good luck on that one.

c. Celebrating La Difference! might be a better and more effective path to take. Here's a question then: What is it about your partner that you find precious and delightful? Find that first, and then you'll begin to celebrate that men and women are different.

3. Whatever you think about your current relationship is wrong.

a. Your story about your partner is just that, a story. It's made up by you, not them. How do you like your story about your partner?

b. Is it possible to "know" the other person, underneath your story about them? Yes. But you may have to work at letting go of your story, and discover the person instead. Can you do this? Certainly. Will you? Ah, that's the real question, isn't it?

c. What is the one "truth" you're holding onto about your partner or relationship that is getting in your way? Find it, and release it.

4. Your story about relationship shapes connection in your life.

a. What are the themes that you see repeating in relationships in your life? Looking for repetitive themes produces wisdom about relationship. Are you brave enough to look at yourself and discover what you continually create?

b. Can these repetitive themes be changed? Of course. They're just habits of thinking and feeling. The easiest way is to replace them with a more preferred habit. So what would you prefer about relationship? Now go be the change.

c. Begin to write a new preferred story about relationship in your life. Take steps to act more lovingly, more caringly, and more honestly. Show your affection. Insist on being a leader in your relationship in being compassionate.

5. Fall in love with your partner, rather than continuing to be in love with the story you're holding onto about your partner.

a. What are your expectations of your partner that aren't being fulfilled?

b. Would you be willing to let go of them, at least a little bit, to explore who your partner really is? (Don't promise lightly, this is another big challenge!)

c. Open your heart to your partner, and to yourself. This will require a big leap on your part, if your story about your partner is a negative one. Loving yourself enough to be willing to both change your own behavior, as well as to insist on a more loving foundation for your relationship, can bring tons of fulfillment. But you have to take the first step to get to know who your partner really is. Will you take this courageous step?

To enhance your relationship, take these steps and put them into action one at a time over the next few weeks. By following these steps, you can become a successful couple who has great happiness and satisfaction in your relationship.

Spiritual Coach Don McAvinchey helps people learn to put their lives first at The Month of Miracles Community. To sign up for more free tips like these and claim your FREE e-course gift, Getting Unstuck and Back on Track, visit his site at www.getunstuck.info

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Is it OK to fake an Orgasm?

Is there something wrong with a woman that has not experienced an orgasm?

These are a couple of questions that I have been getting asked more and more, so I thought why not address them through my articles? As much as I have written this for my ladies, men you can benefit from reading this little bit of info also!

There is nothing physically wrong with women that have not experienced the big O! They simply just have not learned how. It is very much a mental exercise as well as physical. Way back when..., we were taught that it was a bad thing to touch ourselves (masturbate). That was a big wrong turn for a lot of women. I have read a lot of letters from women that tell me that they were in their late 20`s before they ever experienced an orgasm, one that they would consider an orgasm anyway. This is why I express over and over, ladies learn about YOUR BODY! Orgasms are very connected to ones mind when dealing with the female. If you are worried or tired or feeling a bit at odds with your partner, that door is definitely going to be locked, even nailed shut. It will take some work and patience to find the key to open up that mind trap.

Too many women spend way too much time worrying about orgasms. Worry only puts up the walls that will totally disable your mind to relax and float. Think of watching and waiting for water to boil. By the time it has boiled you have lost interest. Or when you are trying to call someone and the line is forever busy, that just frustrates you to no end. If you would have just carried on with something else at the time, the water would have boiled before you knew it, the phone line would be cleared, and you would be frustration free! Orgasms work in very much the same way. Do not think about them. Do prepare for them, feel your body call them, desire them, fantasize, open your mind up to a total zone of passion. Pure thoughtless passion!

Some women feel that if they do not orgasm, their partner will feel that they have failed them, or vice verse. (GUILT) There is absolutely no room for guilt or shyness in the arena of sex! This is one of the reasons women FAKE the O! It does not do any real physical harm to fake most things in life. The only one that is losing out though, is you. You are fooling no one but yourself. Then you end up feeling even worse because you pretended at a time when you should be open and real.

There is also the time thing. Women are in need of more stimulation and time to relax and be able to find their zone. Men tend to think that five minutes is just super...NOT...so ladies this is where communication comes into play. You must tell your man that NO, I am not there yet. I know this sounds bossy, but most men hardly ever have a problem telling the women what to do in bed and when to not stop. Also ladies please tell your man to do like the yellow pages commercial, "Let your fingers do the walking". Women like and need the finger play. Also ladies if your man is just down there asap...tell him to slow down. This can also throw women off when they are feeling rushed.

When you are close to your partner and feel that sex is in the air, enjoy even just the kiss at first. I mean really enjoy just the kiss. Allow your body to warm up and get your juices flowing. Or really feel his touches, and listen to your partners voice when he says your name. If he never says your name, tell him too. He will oblige immediately. Tell him you want to hear him admire your body. A women on the norm has a hard time verbalizing what she likes. This is just because we were raised to be nice girls. Well, TALK! You will be surprised at how much more relaxed you become and excited once you can talk to your partner about touching where and how. Tell your partner to join you in that little game. A women's body will react very nicely if you just allow the feelings of a kiss to penetrate you.

Another turn on for you ladies is to touch yourself while your partner watches. Yes, you will love it once you allow him into your world. He will not say no to that request. To see or hear how excited he gets watching you enjoying your body is another very big turn on for you. This is also a very good way to keep your mind away from the, "will I or won`t I" question. Think of anything but the ultimate O!

G-spot orgasms are pretty easy to reach. We can get there as easy as men have the ability to get hard. To get there just tell your man to do the, "walking". Or take his hand and guide him down to where your body is wanting his touch. G-Spot orgasms feel nice and they are basically our juice fountain, that is when we get very wet. This is when your body prepares for penetration.

It is the clitoral Orgasm that most women are after. Those ones will shake your ground. But again, these are mind connected. I will say I am speaking for the norm of women. Every women is different to a degree, but we are basically after the same thing. We all want to feel that intense vibration and the total body rush that runs through our body. It is an adrenaline rush like no other. To know we have that kind of control in our minds and bodies also boosts our self-esteem! That my Ladies is a very good thing!

Some women are sensitive enough that they will react instantly to a touch. That is not always that good. Her orgasm at that point will be quick and over before she even gets to really appreciate it. The longer it takes to reach that ,"O" Zone, the more intense the orgasm. That is another reason you want to learn to control your body. Eventually you will be able to tell your mind when and where!

A very, very good way to learn about your body is to bring yourself to orgasm. I tell women that all the time. You need to know and be able to connect with your own mind before you can allow someone to do it for you. Once you can learn to control your minds ability to fantasize or totally zone out, your body will follow naturally. Ladies again, it is so important to learn this because it keeps your mind off whether or not the O is going to happen. Once you have learned about your body, you will be able to bring that O on yourself just with your mind. A little hand stimulation is also your minds best friend here. You will know how much stimulation you will need at the time. You will eventually know your entire body`s secret passages to feeling. Yes! Very yummy. So my words here, are to get to know your secrets.. and HAVE FUN!

Remember Ladies, men are not born with your road map to orgasm. First you need to draw it for him. Then show it to him. From there it is totally the big," O" every time. This is my recipe to the one thing that women can do over and over again, without a rest period. Ha!! Sorry guys, we were born that way.


Laughter and Orgasms are Great Bedfellows

John Callahan


When modern woman discovered the orgasm, it was combined with modern birth control, perhaps the biggest single nail in the coffin of male dominance.

Dorothy Lafrinere Owner/Operator Website- www.womensselfesteem.com Forum- womenselfesteem.proboards29.com

Female Orgasm Training Can Be A Factor

One of the most interesting phenomenons I've witnessed in dealing with human sexuality is the ability of people to train themselves into having an orgasm. Any one who has ever masturbated has engaged in a self-training program which has taught them how to orgasm. Before we talk about female training, I'll give you an example from male sexuality.

I worked with a male once who was a regular masturbator. During masturbation, he fantasized about having his partner bent over the edge of a couch and engaging in rear penetration, not anal sex. For months he used this same fantasy to help him reach orgasm during masturbation. This affected his sex life. When he was having sex with his partner, he found that he was losing his erection and finding it difficult to climax in any other position.

The only way he was able to reach orgasm during actual sex was by imitating what he had been doing in his masturbation fantasies. Essentially, he had trained himself about how to get off.

Men are not the only ones who train themselves. In fact, the training men do usually does not interfere with their ability to reach an orgasm during actual intercourse. With women, it's different.

Women train themselves in two ways. First, they train themselves to reach orgasm using specific techniques. Second, they train themselves for each orgasm using certain fantasies. Let's talk about both of these.

When women begin masturbating, they do tend to try multiple ways of accomplishing the goal. Once they find something that works then they stick to it. Let me give you an example. One woman I worked with had been masturbating with a vibrator for about ten years. She had to use the same vibrator every time because she claimed no other vibrator could bring her to orgasm. With sexual partners, she would fake orgasm then excuse herself to the bathroom where she would reach a real orgasm using her vibrator. After a decade of relying on the same toy and the same technique to reach orgasm, this young woman had taught her body how to have an orgasm. Since her partner's penis was not her vibrator, it was not capable of doing the job.

To his credit, he did try a variety of things to help her but the problem really wasn't his alone to fix. She had to re-train her body.
The second method of training often begins even before a woman ever masturbates. As soon as girls begin fantasizing about men, they are beginning to train their bodies about how to reach orgasm. I have another example to share which illustrates this fact as well. A woman I worked with had been relying on the same fantasies during masturbation for almost two decades. Her preference were rape fantasies in which she was the victim and was non-violently coerced into having intercourse with multiple partners. The fantasies involved different scenarios, locations, and men but the basics were all the same.

Even when she tried to have other fantasies, they would always end up deteriorating into a rape fantasy before she was able to orgasm. The only time she was able to reach an orgasm with her husband was when they attempted to act out her fantasy. Like the other woman, she had to re-train her mind about what turned her on and what would lead her to an orgasm.

The reason I'm sharing these stories with you is because orgasm training is one of the biggest, yet most often unrecognized, reasons for women's difficulties in reaching an orgasm.

The only way to break free of that old training is through experimentation. The more the two of you try different things the more likely she is to find something else that can help her climax.

Keep in mind that there are a number of reasons why women may have more difficulty reaching an orgasm than men will. Those reasons include social pressures not to enjoy sex, a lack of trust in the relationship, anatomical differences between men and women, and limited orgasm training.

Understanding what may be hampering your sexual relationship will help you determine the best course of action to take in order to enjoy mutually satisfying sex.

Gabrielle Moore created the program located at www.femaleorgasmrevealed.com to help men please women every time.

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Myths About The Female Orgasm

Author: Vincent Madisson
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Let me share with you two of the most common myths about the female orgasm

Myth 1: Women can reach orgasm more easily if her partner has a large penis.

Men who have worried for eons about the size of their penis can relax. The truth is that size really doesn't matter all that much. Since only the first two inches of a woman's vagina are sensitive to stimulation, anything over that amount is kind of useful during intercourse, at least from the woman's physical perspective. In fact, when men are overly concerned with the size of their penis and whether it's sufficient, their minds aren't focused on pleasuring their partner and that is no way to experience female orgasm. A survey done by the Kinsey Institute found that the average size of an erect penis measured from the tip to where it connects with the rest of the body is 6.16 inches (15.65 centimeters) in length. The girth of an erect penis is 4.84 inches (12.29 centimeters) on average. Both of these statistics are come as a surprise to men and to women who have been convinced by our culture (and possibly pornographic movies and magazines) that the average size of an erect penis is eight or nine inches. That same Kinsey study actually found that less than 2% of men have penises which meet that requirement.

Remember whether a man's penis size is below, above, or just average, he still has the ability to help his partner reach orgasm and that is far more worthy of praise than a few extra inches of penis.

Myth 2: If a woman does not have an orgasm, she did not enjoy the sex.

Most women have had the experience of being asked by their partner during sex if they are going to "get off." This myth is the reason for that question. The majority of men believe that sex without an orgasm is not pleasurable for a woman, but that's not true. First of all, even though orgasms are a wonderful part of the sexual experience, there is more involved than that. For couples, sex is generally a physical expression of love and closeness. Many women report enjoying this part of the experience immensely even when it is not followed by an orgasm. Second, just because there's no climax that doesn't mean the rest of the experience didn't feel good. An orgasm is an intense pleasurable feeling but it is not the sole source of sexual pleasure for a woman. Just as men enjoy the actual act of intercourse, so do women. Third, when men ask about whether or not a woman is going to climax, he is putting pressure on her to deliver and this generally leads to faking orgasms which actually detracts from her experience and could detract from his as well if he discovers the truth. Furthermore, when a partner is truly in tune with a woman's body, they don't have to ask that question: the signs of a building orgasm are unmistakable and cannot be faked.