Monday, February 20, 2006

Sex Talk - Dirty Talk

A little sexy/nasty talk can add some zing to the bedroom. One catch: people are very different in what kind of talk turns them on. If you don’t know what talk excites your lover, it’s time for a little experimentation with a few mild sexy suggestions at home.

Try different types of sexual banter to see what your partner likes. Here are a couple examples: (These are only meant to give you the sense of each type of dirty talk. You should utter things that will appeal to your specific partner and you.)

Sensual—(For Men: “I love touching your soft skin.”) (For Women: “I love how I feel when you hold me in your strong arms.”)

Sexual—(For Men: “I can’t resist you. I want to devour those breasts.”) (For Women: “I want to feel you deep inside me.”) Some women prefer even stronger ‘down and dirty,’ more graphic language.

Women seem to especially respond to sexy talk, being audible creatures. They love to hear how they excite their man and how much you want them.

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