Monday, September 18, 2006

How to Kiss a Woman So She Aches for You

by J. E. Barron

Passionate kisses are love magnets that linger in a woman’s mind. If you want to master the art of kissing a woman, it is vital that you learn how to kiss passionately without making her think it’s just your cue to get her into bed.

Your BEST course of action is to allow your kisses to linger on her mind - a sort of effective reverse psychology that women are powerless against. You can turn the tables and have her begging for more if you first establish a great kissing technique that DOES NOT always lead to the bedroom. Otherwise, she’ll immediately put up her defenses and leave you wondering what went wrong.

Follow these tips - keep your kisses really exciting by being spontaneous and by varying their intensity and duration. Also, be sure not to engage in a marathon kissing session. Initially, you want to pique her desire, not quench it altogether. This technique greatly sparks a woman’s desire and anticipation for you.

Now that you have the game plan down, try some of these techniques for passionately kissing a woman:

·Make some noise! Say something romantic while you’re kissing, whisper or express your pleasure without words by smiling and sighing heavily.

·Place your hands on either side of a woman’s face so that you do not cover her ears and your fingertips reach the back of her neck. Then, slowly pull her toward your lips while softly holding the sides of her head. Gaze into her eyes before planting one on her. Sigh "mmmm" during your kiss while holding her head.

·Place your fingertips lightly over her lips and move toward her ear. Take her ear lobe between your lips and nibble on it while breathing slowly, deeply and deliberately into her ear. Move down to her neck while still covering her lips with your fingertips and then slowly advance toward her lips while breathing onto her skin. When you reach her lips, move your fingertips to the back of her neck and pull her toward you.

·Approach your woman from behind. Place your hands on both of her shoulders, drag her hair across her neck to expose her skin, and kiss the back of her neck while running just your fingertips up and down both of her arms, across her collar bone and over her shoulders. Continue kissing her neck as you move around to face her, then slowly move up toward her lips. Hint: The back of a woman's neck is a sensitive erogenous zone that many men ignore. Pay attention to it and you'll be her super love hero!

·Reach for her hand and raise it to your lips while gazing into her eyes. Softly guide her fingertips back and forth across your mouth. Slightly open your lips and tickle her fingertips with the tip of your tongue. Demonstrate your enjoyment by smiling. Nibble the tips of her fingers. Then place the palm of her hand against your cheek, holding it in place while you move toward her lips for a kiss.

After your kiss – you MUST seal the deal by ending the session and walking away. Yes, walking away! This may sound outrageous, but it WORKS. When you kiss a woman passionately, making her tingle from head to toe, and then smile at her and walk away, you leave her aching for you. She’ll spend the entire day thinking about your next kiss, and this is the powerful position you want to attain.

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