Tuesday, September 05, 2006

10 Sexy Valentine's Day Suggestions to Use on Any Day

by Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

*Dress up in a red garter and stocking or a red negligee and heels with a red rose between your teeth and do a sexy strip tease for your

*Send them roses. Go to the flower shop to make the order and give them an enclosed envelope to send with the flowers. In the
envelope leave a loving/naughty message telling them how much you love them or care for them and what delicious things you are going
to do with their body.

*Write them an erotic story detailing all their favorite techniques, positions, and desires. For example if they particularly love oral, then
go into great detail focusing on all the specifics of what you know they love.

*In your Valentine’s Day card, hand write your feelings, telling them how special and important they are. Enclose a sexy message telling
them what is going to happen this evening.

*Make your own Valentine’s card. Take a nice naked, sexy photo of yourself and glue it inside the card with a sexy story or sexy
message of what you would like down to your body.

*Buy your lover a box of chocolates and tell them they must eat them off of your body where you will strategically place them. This will
be incredibly fun and pleasurable for both of you.

*Buy yourself a beautiful piece of lingerie that you know your partner will love and surprise them by serving their dinner while wearing
it. More than likely dinner will be pushed aside till later!

*Give your lover an erotic massage with your hands, lips and tongue, from the tips of their toes to the top of their head.

*Call your lover at work during the day and tell them how hot and wet you are and how you can’t wait until they get home to ravage
their body. Tell them you aren’t wearing any panties or bra and that you are going out shopping. This will be a lovely image to stimulate
them through the day and set the mood for the evening. Actually go through your day without the bra and panties and you will find
yourself feeling very sexy and aroused as well.

*Give your lover a show. Write a little invitation for them telling them to meet you in the bedroom or (whatever room) at a specific time
for a special show for their eyes only. Leave the note on the mirror or with their breakfast or something like that. Be waiting for them in
the designated spot, naked, and then masturbate for them.

These suggestions are sure to put some spark and sizzle in your Valentine’s Day. (Enjoy!)

Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed is a writer, educator, therapist/advisor/coach and holistic health consultant specializing in Erotic Communication,
Sexual Intimacy, Soul Satisfying Sex as well as issues of living with chronic illness, chronic pain or disability.
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