Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Talking Dirty

The Genetic Effect
Like women are born with certain stereotypical characteristics to understand and feel with their hearts, men are made with certain stereotypical characteristics as well. One of them refers to the fact that they are most likely to talk dirty. From abuses to sexually explicit and erotic talks, men are known to enjoy this and much more. Women have over a period of time understood this fact and have grown to make this a part of their foreplay features. Many sex therapists believe that good communication is the key to a great sex life, its also at times the reverse when used in moderation, that brings about great results.

Like with all kinds of communication, communicating what you like and dislike with your partner can be as important as talking dirty. Once you’ve decided on your particular comfort zones for sexual gratification, you also need to get in variation of sorts. Some of this variation comes with fitness, some with losing weight, stretching and some with talking dirty. On your path to great sex and while treading carefully on the passage of foreplay, is also indicative of the words that you speak, a harsh word here and a strong one there and down goes all your effort of luring yourself and your partner in a roll of hay a total waste!

Sometimes, however, talking about your sexual fantasies may help you gain better understanding of your spouse and get the both of you in the mood so as to speak. In a way both these kinds of communication in the sexual context is considered good for the both of you. The theory of wild sex also hinders around the same. While love bites and nail marks can spill the ecstasy in making love so can words.

Although women have been known to be rather uncomfortable with obscene words, its considered to be an added advantage for them during sex. Today men and women are equally comfortable in being obscene in bed. In fact most sex therapists have had men and women wanting for more as dirty talk enhances the sexual process ensuring an orgasmic effect. Obscene words enhance the sexual flush before intercourse, building up the heat and making room for an ecstatic ride for love making. The sex chats and sex talks on the phone are proof of obscenity being successful. In marriage too, there are variations to the way you want to prove your point.

Assuming a situation wherein you want to simply "do it", would be a boring way to put it across. If you had to announce the words, "I want to screw you", well then, that may be a better way to dash to the mattress. And if you thought that mentioning to your wife or husband, (whichever be the case) you would get her flush into the sexual rage, then be sure you don’t tell her that you wanna have a "sexual intercourse" with her, she’ll probably tell you to get married to your medical books rather than she spend her best years with you. In short, if you’re planning a great night or the day whichever one you may choose, do away with clinical terms to fire up the excitement.

Especially in a darkly lit environment, talking dirty can raise temperatures no other sexual toy or vibrator ever could. Words are often powered with touch, while making a head way for great sex. Novels and books on talking dirty is stimulating enough for one to make a headway back to the bed. Phrases like "I moved her lawn", " she had me all over her breasts", are words that have the best effect if you’re seeking true variations in your mundane sex life. Marriages thrive on understanding, especially sexual understanding.

More often than not, if you don’t spice up your life, its quite possible for you to get weary of your man, or wife for that matter, if you want to boost you immune system through good sex. Talking about things is one of the many factors that can help you get back your life on track. In conclusion, your English Literature teacher was right, language really does matter!