Thursday, April 20, 2006

Missionary Sex Positions

  • The Missionary position is considered the most common position. The penetrating partner is on top with direct penetration and the receiving partner is on bottom, with legs open.
  • Side entry missionary offers a variation on the missionary position with the receiving partner on their side and the penetrating partner kneels to penetrate from behind.
  • Blossoming Flower Missionary is similar to the standard missionary position, with the receiving partner is on their back, but they also spread their legs, lift their hips and arch their back. The receiving partner is literally and figuratively opening themself up to their lover, and allowing for deeper penetration.
  • Squashing of the deckchair has the receiving partner on bottom, with legs pulled up. The penetrating partner is on top and holds the receiving partner's legs.
  • The Butterfly sex position has the receiving partner lie on their back and the penetrating partner stands and lifts the receiving partner's pelvis for penetration
  • Coital alignment technique is a variant on the missionary position, with the man in the missionary position and moves slightly forward so that the base of the penis rubs the clitoris.
  • The stopperage has the sex position variation of the penetrating partner pressing the receiving partner's thighs against their chest
  • The Yawning Position has the receiving partner's legs straight up and wide apart
  • Octopus Sex Position is similar to the butterfly, with the receiving partner resting her legs on the penetrating partner's shoulders
  • Feet-on-his-shoulders has the penetrating partner kneeling and the receiving partner resting their legs on penetrating partner's shoulders

There seem to be almost limitless little variations to the classic sex positions. We open with your partner and enjoy the moment to find those positions that work best for you best.