Monday, December 19, 2005


Do you find you're constantly taking a backseat in your passionate life?, Is your partner the one to decide where or how your love making ensues? Why hold back!, Take charge and show some initiative. Within a stable and comfortable relationship one partner will usually be the one who controls, or initiates intimate encounters. Many reasons cause people to to shy away, maybe they feel inadequate or embarrassed or wrong about embracing their sexual prowess. Sometimes it's just easier letting someone else control the situation so you can sit back and enjoy the moment.

If you want to turn the tables and be the initiator then simply tell your partner that you're in charge for the night. There is nothing wrong with asking for what you want, honesty is the best way to improve your sex life. Telling your partner the dirty deeds you want them to partake in, is a great way of getting them all hot and bothered. Set some ground rules, tell them that this time around you're going to give and their role is simply to receive. Gain complete control by tying your partner to the bed and having your way with them. Purchase a fun pair of handcuffs and latch them to the headboard until they're begging to be set free.

Initiate sex in unlikely situations, jump them as soon as they come through the door, or get out of the shower. Start the night off by slowly removing their clothing and remind them that they are at your mercy, by all means keep your own clothes on and gain a small feeling of power in the situation.

Taking the initiative isn't about a battle between the sexes, it's simply about taking turns. Share the power and you're sure to find all sorts of pleasurable responses.

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