Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Illusive G-Spot and Female Orgasm

The G-spot is a highly erogenous zone inside the vagina. It was discovered in 1950 by the gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg.

For a while not many people actually believed the G-spot existed. Then in 1978 a book called "The G Spot " by Alice K. Ladas, Beverly Whipple and John D. Perry was published. This confirmed existence of the G-spot. Today sexologists believe every woman has a G-spot.

It is thought that the G-spot is either a bundle of nerves coming from the clitoris or a gland or series of glands that produces lubrication. It is also thought to be analogous to the prostate gland in men. When unstimulated the G-spot is about the size of a bean. When your lover is aroused it becomes more pronounced.

The G-spot is located behind the pubic bone within the front wall of the vagina, about two to three inches deep. The important thing to note is that the G-spot responds to pressure, not just touch.

Because the G-spot is close to the bladder stimulating the G-spot may result in a feeling of needing to urinate. This feeling my last anywhere from a few seconds to up to thirty seconds.

Here are some sexual positions that are good for G-spot stimulation:

Doggy Style
This is a good position as the head of the penis is pointed directly at the G-spot.

While sitting on the edge of a couch or a bed have your lover sit on your lap, facing you. Her legs should be either wrapped around your waist.

Standing with her lying down
Stand facing a bed, desk, or something similar. Have your lover lie down in front of you. Her pelvis should be about one foot lower than yours. Place your lover's feet on your shoulders. Now have her tilt her pelvis so it forms a straight line where your crotches meet. Put your hands underneath her buttocks so you can hold her at that angle.

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