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Pleasuring Her Sexuality – A Woman's Desires and Needs

The uniqueness of every female in the world is an enigma that is difficult to solve.

When it comes to pleasuring her sexuality, there is no one-way to please every woman with one style or approach.

Each woman is different, needing individual attention to her desires and needs, where giving her pleasure becomes an exploration in what makes this one unique person sexually satisfied.

When initiating sexual intercourse with a female, one can engage in pleasing her sexuality several ways.

During a sexual act, couples may change from position to position, at any moment.

Many can sense the act of pleasure when a female expresses herself in ways including moaning or a tight grip.

Missionary Position

One of the most common positions used in pleasuring her sexuality is called the missionary position, where the man is on top of the female, directly penetrating her vagina. The women’s legs are usually open while she is positioned on the bottom.

There is also a side entry missionary position where the woman is on the side, while the man penetrates from behind.

Other missionary positions include:

· The woman on the bottom with her legs tightly closed

· The woman on the bottom with her thighs pressed against her chest

· The woman on the bottom while the man holds her legs in the air.

Woman on Top

Sometimes a woman can suceed in increasing her pleasure when she takes over the top position. When a woman sits on top of a man while facing him, this is called the Cowgirl Sex position. The Reverse Cowgirl is when the woman is facing away from the man when she is sitting on top. Usually, a woman can better control the intensity of the sexual act, as well as her organism, when she is commanding the top position.

Sexual Positions

When pleasuring her sexuality, you should know that there are various sexual positions that feature a playful take on the animal kingdom:

· The Butterfly Position involves a woman lying on her back while the man stands and lifts the female’s pelvis for a more satisfying penetration.

· The Octopus Position deals with a woman resting her legs on the man’s shoulders while she is on the bottom.

· When the woman is on all fours, facing downward, she is prepared for the “Doggy-style” position, where the man enters the woman from behind.

· When the woman lowers her torso in the Doggy Position, she is engaging in what is referred to as the “Froggy” position.

· Pleasuring her sexuality can seem easier when a man enters the woman from above as her legs are spread open, allowing more intense penetration. This position is referred to as either the “Spread-eagle” or “Spider” position.

When you are at home with your sweetie and the mood has set in, there are plenty of household objects available when a man is interested in pleasuring her.

Various pieces of furniture can increase stimulation:

· A man can kneel in front of his woman while she is sitting in a chair.

· A woman could sit on the edge of almost any chair or couch, depending on the height and spread her legs, as the man enters.

· She can also spread over a piece of furniture, such as a table or countertop while a man enters from behind.

There is a certain feeling of naughtiness when two lovers make love in rooms other than the bedroom.

There are endless ways to please one another during an intimate moment.

Sometimes a sensual act could be as simple as watching a woman pleasuring her sexuality in the form of masturbation. It can be a successful turn-on for both parties when either one or both participate.
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