Monday, January 02, 2006

Wickedly Sinful Sex Tips For One And All!

So it's a lazy afternoon with no plans in sight, shop on-line for a new sex toy. Take turns ordering a toy or treat that appeals to you- without any feedback from your lover. Be adventurous and choose something that intrigues or bewilders you. Try not to let each other know the items you've chosen while waiting the few delivery days that stand between you and new found pleasures. When your items arrive in the mail, the objective is to try whatever was bought (unless you really really can't / won't / don't want to). If you're scared of what extremes your partner might go to, set some boundaries beforehand - almost all sex toys cannot be returned.

Want to be a more flexible lover? Rent or buy an instructional yoga tape to enjoy at home, naked, with your lover. Set the lights low and make sure the room is comfortably warm, use incense and candles for a romantic touch. Place yoga mats or towels on the floor and remove all of your clothing. Stretch to your hearts content while admiring your partners pliant body... in the buff!

Create your very own harem! Find a cozy secluded area like a basement, roof, attic, enclosed patio etc. To get in the mood set up a blanket and lot's of pillows comfortable enough to lounge on. Keep the lights dim and use a lantern or candles for some ambiance. Light some incense and play soft relaxing music (Indian sitar music is great). Now the fun part... to complete you're night for two, have a pot of chai tea and some ice cubes set aside on a tray. Take turns orally pleasing each other by alternating the warm sensation of chai tea in your mouth followed by the cooling sensation of the ice. You'll definitely have your partner oohing and aahing.

Make a game of christening one room in your house/apartment per week. Initiate a little hanky panky whether its in the kitchen or living room, on carpet or stairs. Some out of the ordinary places to try are closets, crawl spaces, attics, balconies, apartment stairwells or elevators and even your front porch.

Worship your union in a house of worship! This may take some sly planning and shouldn't be attempted on the busiest religious day of the week (Sunday). Usually churches are left open to the public, finding a private alcove for a sinful tryst however can prove challenging. Of course there are confessionals, just be sure that you're alone. For all you angels out there yearning for lustful immorality, listen to gospel music while engaging in fierce copulation. You can always repent later.

Are you up for a game of monkey see monkey do? This time when you rent a porno, rather then just watching it... ape it. This usually works best in a bedroom where you can be sure of having privacy. Be sure to wear scandalous "porno" clothes (it's hard to pretend you're a super stud wearing the fish print boxers your grandma got you for x-mas). This naughty exercise is a great confidence booster and you are bound to discover new positions or techniques to savor after the show is over.

Get a little kinky! Fetish parties or clubs are a fun way to embrace your naughty side by exploring different sexual themes with like minded hedonists. If you don't want to run into embarrassing encounters with people you know (your dentist, grandma, librarian etc.), wear a mask or a wig, trust me you wont be the only ones. Publicly advertised fetish parties are best bets for first timers as they are usually on the tame side. Clubs advertised in the back of weekly papers are usually a tad more sinful.

Recreate the prom night you never had! Dig out your old taffeta prom dress or blue tux, some year books and old records. Rehash how you spent your prom night and with whom as you go through those moldy yearbooks. If you ended up going dutch then this is your night to recreate the x-rated prom night you always dreamed of. If you want to go all the way, rent a cheesy motel room and giggle all night long.

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