Thursday, November 17, 2005

Spicing Up Routine Sexual Activities

One of the biggest complaints among couples is that sex becomes routine and loses some of the excitement. A good way to prevent this from happening is to spice up some of your routine activities. Try some of the following. While having intercourse stimulate your own clitoris or let your lover stimulate your clitoris with his free hand or with a vibrator. You will find that your hand or a vibrator can easily slide between you and your lover regardless of what position you are in. While giving fellatio, wet your finger and rub your lovers anus or insert it slightly inside the anus or penetrate deeper if they enjoy it. Stimulation of the anus during fellatio can enhance fellatio to ecstatic heights for some men. This also applies to women. While giving her oral use your fingers or vibrator to thrust within her vaginally while licking her clitoris or wet your finger and rub or penetrate her anus. While having intercourse reach between his legs and gently massage his testicles. This will feel especially good if you slide your hand through your juices and then massage your juices over his testicles. Instead of watching an erotic video make one of your own. It can be very exciting and arousing to perform in front of the camera. You can then watch the video in another session for some additional pleasure. Add some flavors to your oral. Food such as fruit, chocolate, ice cream or any favorite food of yours or your lovers can be very tasty and add some playfulness to your routine. Bananas are particularly tasty and fun. Prior to having sex take a shower together and wash each other. This makes us squeaky clean for some great oral and provides us with a great opportunity for arousal and setting the mood. While in the shower you can have some appetizer sex or make it the main course. Bending over in the shower and doing doggy style standing up can be particular fun and enjoyable. The wetness of the shower provides great lubrication and allows for thrusting with great ease and deeper penetration. If you typically have sex in the bedroom then have sex in other rooms in the house such as the kitchen floor or table, or the living room couch or carpet, or on the stairs, or on the sink in the bathroom. You can add some extra special spice by doing it on the patio, in the yard or on the children's play set in the sunshine or underneath the moonlight. If you typically have sex at night with the lights out, then have sex with the lights on or with candles or have it in the morning or in the afternoon. If you typically have only intercourse then try having an evening of nothing but oral sex. Take turns satisfying one another so that each of you can devote all your attention to the other orally. Give your lover a massage, but instead of using your hands use your mouth and tongue. To add a little pizzazz to the missionary position you can put a pillow underneath her butt and this allows for deeper penetration and it allows her to stimulate her clitoris on your pelvic bone and you can both reach orgasm together. The key here is variety and adventure. Do activities, techniques and positions that are unique for you as a couple.

Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed is a writer, educator, therapist/advisor/coach and holistic health consultant specializing in Erotic Communication, Sexual Intimacy, Soul Satisfying Sex as well as issues of living with chronic illness, chronic pain or disability. Sexuality services can be found at and Chronic illness services can be found at

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