Friday, August 04, 2006

Expanding Your Orgasmic Horizons

Have you noticed that you have got into a fixed pattern with the way you masturbate? Do you enjoy your orgasms but they have become a bit samey? If so it is time to explore new ways to improve the experience and find even more satisfaction.

Some women when they first discover how to orgasm think subconsciously that the method they used is the only one for them. Indeed for many women after masturbating for a long time in one particular way it initially is quite difficult for them to reach orgasm using another method. However, with the right conditions and maybe some perseverance they can find new ways of orgasming and a whole new world of pleasure opens up.

Women who have masturbated in only one way for a long time are often surprised that orgasms can feel very different if they are achieved in different ways.

Most women initially fall into two groups. Some concentrate on stimulating their clitoris and (less often) others rely on using vaginal stimulation. In actual fact maybe these two methods are not that far apart as it has recently been discovered that clitoral tissue and nerves extend all the way around the entrance to the vagina. Perhaps this is why the entrance to the vagina can be so sensitive and stimulating.

Of course there are other areas of the body that produce sexual excitement when touched. Sometimes stimulating one of these areas for the first time will produce an unexpected and intense orgasm.

I had a very unexpected experience with my partner a few years ago. He is fascinated by sex and loves to experiment. One day we were feeling sexy together outside in the garden and he began to touch my anus. Now my anus was not an area I had tried touching sexually and in fact I was not all that comfortable with the idea. However this day we were outside naked in the sun and I had the sun on my bottom. My partner began to gently run his finger around my anus and then insert it just a tiny bit. Very quickly I was getting excited and then suddenly, to my my surprise, I had a very strong orgasm!

If someone had said to me beforehand that I could get an orgasm with only my anus being touched I would not have believed them in a million years.

Of course, your response to anal touching is likely to be different and interestingly I have not had a repeat of this experience since. I do like my anus being touched during sex now and get turned on by it but when we have tried to repeat the orgasm with only anal touching it hasn't happened.

Anal stimulation is not the only one way of changing the method of stimulation. There are a host of others and I will make some suggestions in future articles including how and where to touch; how to change things with your state of mind and the use of sex toys.

Incorporating different ways of masturbating into my sex life has improved it and from time to time I have an orgasm that seems to be better than ever before. I strongly encourage all women to experiment. It is fun and it is likely you too will experience new orgasmic sensations.

About the Author
Abbie Acworth has had a long term interest in sex and sexuality and writes articles for and other web sites.