Friday, March 24, 2006

For Good Girls: 10 Ways To Release Your Inner Vixen

Its inevitable, whether you've been married for 10 years or in a long term relationship for 5, sex gets dull. All too often women fall into the role of caregiver, maid and cook while allowing their sex appeal and desires to fade into the past. This can also carry over to the significant other who as well begins to think of passion as ancient history. Every woman is a siren, a Venus, a being of erotic nature. Sometimes, releasing this inner vixen is all that's needed to spark something new and remind your man that you ARE a goddess.

1. Buy Yourself A Sex Toy. Whether it's a vibrator, dildo or both, pick one up and surprise your man by pulling it out during your next interlude. Let's not forget girls, we don't have to get invited to a sex toy party or show up at a back alley adult store anymore. If you have access to this article, you have access to sex toys. There are multitudes of trusted sites online just waiting to discreetly ship you a toy in plain brown paper packaging.

2. Rent A XXX Movie. Rent or buy an adult film. If you don't feel comfortable walking into the adult section at your video store, why not consider renting a video off the internet? There are many sites that offer hassle free adult movie rentals. Chances are, if you pop in a porn flick instead of watching The Notebook again, you'll get a preferable reaction from your man. Plus, he'll be more aroused knowing that you picked it out!

3. Don't Do Lingerie…Do Latex! That's right girls, latex isn't just for the fetish crowd anymore. Lets face it latex is fabulous, slick, glossy and skin tight. Get daring and show him just how kinky you can get.

4. Get Stimulated. Now I know how hard it can be to "get in the mood" at the end of a hard day. Ergo my reasoning for suggesting you give an arousal, or, stimulating gel a try. This isn't lube, this is a gel that only requires a few drops to work. It enhances your sensitivity and has you ready and willing in no time! Every woman I know who has tried it has never gone back describing these gels as giving them the most intense orgasms they have ever had.

5. Write An Erotic Story. Have you ever woken up in the morning completely aroused from a dream you just had? Write it down! Even if you're not a writer make notes: what was said, what happened, how you felt, locations. If you're one of those people who doesn't remember dreams, create characters and have them live out your wildest fantasies. When you're done, be sure to leave your writings somewhere you're sure he'll find them!

6. Go Old School - Literally. Dig out your old high school uniform (or buy one online). Forgo the underwear, replace the knee highs with thigh highs and the penny loafers with stilettos or high heels. Catch him off balance by wearing it around as you cook or do laundry. Be sure to bend over offering a peek every now and then.

7. Buy HIM A Sex Toy. Now I know you're thinking "What!!?" but hear me out. First of all, watching him masturbate can be a huge turn on for many women. Secondly, studies show, the more men masturbate, the easier it becomes to maintain control over an erection. This is good for us, especially when coupled with suggestion number 4 on this list. Can we say multiple orgasms?

8. To Have & Have Knot. Get out the ropes and tie him up in a chair or on the bed. Tease him any way you want. Strip for him, lick him up and down, do anything except give him what he wants. Let him know that you're in charge and he is at the mercy of your feminine wiles. By the time you're ready to give in he'll be so turned on he'll remember the night for weeks. Next time, switch roles.

9. An Evening of Indulgence. Prepare an evening full of aphrodisiacs. Light some scented candles and melt some chocolate. Meet him at the door wearing only pearls and holding two champagne glasses. Spend the evening naked feeding each other chocolate dipped strawberries, raw oysters and drinking champagne or wine.

10. Stop Being Self Conscious. If, while reading this article, you thought to yourself "I could never do that.", then stop! The only thing standing in the way of you withholding your fantasies and desires is you! If you think your husband or boyfriend would never do those things, give it a try first. You'd be amazed at what two people who have submitted to a life of "blah" are capable of surprising each other with. Turn "blah" into "ah".

About the Author:
Aylya Wolfe is the founder of Erotica An adult site created by women for women featuring: erotic literature, articles, reviews, instructional videos & a sex toy gallery. Visit Erotica Nymph for more tricks to release your inner vixen.